We already had a wonderful little dog, Wyatt, a chorkie (chihuahua/yorkie), and we had just moved to a house with a large fenced in property. Wyatt had no one to run around with, even though he had the freedom to run about. I had always been looking for a companion for Wyatt, but my daughter, Stephanie, who had already adopted a dog, had persuaded me to look for one that wasn’t a puppy.

I had found the CCRT website and looked every now and then, but when I saw Rosita (who now goes by the name Zee) I immediately fell in love. This love took ahold of me, and I started filling out the application to see what would happen. Before long, Terry called from the CCRT, and set up an interview. I wasn’t sure how Wyatt would react to another dog, but the CCRT check that out, and we also took him to meet Zee at the foster home. She was attached to the foster Mom, Trisha, who still loves Zee very much! (I still send Trisha pictures when she misses Zee). We could not even catch Zee, Trisha had to hand her to me, because she was very frightened of new people. I was holding her in the chair, when Wyatt jumped up and just sat there..they accepted each other! Honestly, however, I thought that this will never work, and so did my husband, Dale, because Zee was very frightened.

We decided to give it a chance. It took some time and patience, for us to get accustomed to each other, but eventually Zee let us pick her up. She is a very loving and loveable, well behaved little dog, and she very curious. She has free run of the house along with Wyatt, and they have a great time peeking through the fence at the neighbours’ two Shitzu’s Sugar and Spice and barking at Rocky (a pug) who is another neighbour.

Our windows are low, so they can both look out and bark at the people walking by. Zee, who runs like a gazelle because of her long legs, out runs Wyatt in the yard, and they both like to laze around in the sun. There are little dog beds in most rooms, so they can choose where they want to nap, but usually you will find them in the same bed. Sometimes, Wyatt and Zee are like a couple of little kids, rivalling for attention, but generally you won’t find one without the other! We take the dogs to the groomer every 6 weeks or so, and they get a haircut, etc. I figured out that Zee is part Chinese Crested (the hairless dog, but with hair) and we get her shaved appropriately, leaving a mane and the soft downey hair on the top of her head. She is beautiful! At night, they crawl under the covers and sleep with Dale and I. Zee has become Dale’s little girl.

She is the best little girl ever! We are ever grateful to have adopted her. Our family is perfect!

Thanks for the great work you all do at the CCRT!!

Susan, Dale, Wyatt and Zee