Bella is fitting in with our family fabulously. She gets up at 8 every morning by waking me up to feed her. She eats a lot. Her and Buffy are like sisters that have always been together. They eat together and sleep together, ride in the crate together, and they play together. Buffy shares her toys nicely and she waits for Bella to catch up when they play fetch. They chase the cat together and have a great time playing chase. At 12 noon they both have a nap on my lap.

We are still having a few small issues with Bella for potty training but she is coming along. She is now about 4 lbs and her health does not seem to be a problem. She is getting very talkative with us and barks at me when she wants things. She is a great addition to our family and she is Buffy’s playmate just like we wanted. She will be travelling soon to Virginia Beach for a visit but she seems to like the car, so we think she will be fine.