We adopted Carlie An into our home in January of this year.  She was one of the amazing babies from the litter of 5, Chihuahua/Chinese Crested Hairless, aka Chi Chi, who were born into the CCRT in November.

After our beloved “Charlie” was put to rest, it didn’t take much convincing that we truly did want to add another fur baby into our family, in spite of
Charlie’s life with us being so short.  So, enter Carlie into our lives!

We named her in honor of Charlie, so a part of him will continue on with us.  Her foster mom named her Annie when she was born, so we really wanted
to honor the family in keeping her birth name, but spell it An, since my middle name is Ann and so is my partner’s, spelled Anne, to avoid any favoritism with how to spell Annie, Ann or Anne, we simply went with An to make everyone happy.  I find myself referring to her as , Lovable Annie, quite often, and think back to her incredible beginnings with her foster family who certainly created this lovable little girl!

She is full of spunk, and we have nicknamed her the “Lil Tornado”, and that description should say it all!  She’s full of life and can outrun and outlast even her 5 year old brother Newt.  By the end of the day, ALL of us are exhausted, yet, there she is, ready to continue a marathon!

What we love most about her, is that she is so incredibly loving, she puts her paws around either side of your neck and literally gives you a hug, while resting her sweet little head on your shoulder.

She stretches out 15 inches long, perhaps even longer than a weenie dog, at only 6 months old, and is a solid 7 lbs. of never ending affection.

Although her brother Newt sometimes looks at her and thinks, “oh I loooong for those days when I was just an only child”, he truly would miss her spunk
and companionship if she wasn’t around,  lazing together on the couch in the sun,for those few moments when she takes some time out.

CCRT’s foster family did an INCREDIBLE job in raising this little one for us, and for that we will furever grateful!    Yes, she does SMILE 🙂

 “When one door closes, another one truly does open”….