Sweet little Nemo has brought so much life into our family in just the few weeks that he’s been with us.  This 11-month-old little boy continues to fulfill us every day with his unconditional love and comical attitude.  After having recently lost our dear loving Tina, a Chihuahua of 16 years, Nemo has certainly filled in her shoes (paws) in many different ways.

Every morning when he gets up from his basket, it’s a ritual for him to come up on our bed and cuddle up because he certainly is a cuddle bug.

Then after breakfast, he brings us his special offerings like his little stuffed squirrel and teddy bear.  If it was up to him he would play fetch all day.  When we become busy with our daily chores, he sits by the door with his stuffed toy just waiting for someone to notice him.  He is certainly a comical little guy always making us laugh with his playful disposition.

He has already had the chance to meet his extended family, who loves him dearly.  My sister is his favorite aunt because she has a little toy poodle that Nemo just adores to play with.  Each time I pull into their driveway, he becomes very anxious and cries like a little baby because he is so excited to be able to play with Tootsie.  Our parents think that he is one of the sweetest little dogs they have ever seen.
Nemo has bonded so well with my husband and I in just the past few weeks, that we truly believe that he is a gift of love from above and that we were meant to be together for his lifetime.

Our thanks go out to Kathleen & Albert and their family who were Nemo’s foster parents.  I truly believe that it is special people like them who make it possible for happy endings like this to happen.
Yours truly

Louis & Pauline