FoxyFoxy has been adopted!

Welcome to the adventure! Meet Foxy. She is a playful, active and smart 9 month old puppy. If you love to throw a ball, go for energetic walks and snuggle on the couch, you have found your match.

Foxy is a loved and pampered pooch weighing in at just over 10 lbs. Unfortunately her human passed away and this has left her in a caring foster home awaiting her furever family. She loves dogs big and small. In her doggy dreams, she would have a playful furry sibling, a human that takes her for lots of walks, a home near a dog park with room to run and maybe even an older kid to play with! We have also heard she is paddle board and kayak proficient— a true adventurer. She is a medium to high energy dog so please only apply if you are committed to frequent walks and dog park excursions.

This girl is a people-pleasing-owner lover, the best kind of dog!  She follows her foster mom wherever she goes. Foxy hopes her new family are home often to give her the walks and love she deserves. Her foster home has a fenced backyard but she will only potty on leash— that’s how much she likes to walk! She loves to run free at the dog park and play with all of the other dogs (after proper recall was established). With some guidance from her foster mom, she no longer pulls on leash and is an excellent walking companion. She also loves to get her wiggles out by playing with the children in her foster home. She will settle in her bed when her foster mom works from home, as long as that bed is in close proximity! And of course, she is a wonderful snuggler that will cuddle up to you on the couch for naps and pets.

Like all puppies, Foxy needs guidance and training. Treat motivated, she is a dream to train. Her foster family have been working on leash training, recall and commands. She is a fast learner! It is essential that her new family is prepared to train her (a puppy class would be ideal) so that she continues to learn her doggy manners. She is a smart pup and loves the stimulation of training!

This smart girl is fully house trained. She maintains an accident free record at her foster home! She had a bit of separation anxiety when she arrived at her foster home and has responded well to crate training. She now feels safe and secure when her family needs to leave and can be left alone for short stretches (in or out of the crate). For the most part, Foxy does not chew but when she needs walked or played with she can get mischievous. She has never chewed shoes or cables but has been known to nibble the occasional sock, dropped paper, pen lid or children’s toy. An incident was reported regarding a (now) footless calico critter during a particularly rainy day. If her future home has children they may want to practice excellent toy cleanup. Foxy has been successfully redirected with bully sticks and other safe chew toys.

Foxy took a few days to warm up to the young children at her foster home. She barks when she is unsure of people or when someone is overly insistent upon first meeting. She now loves to play and even rough-house with her kid owners— they gained her trust with calm dog handling. For this reason, she needs an experienced dog handler.  If there is a child in the house, they must not be nervous with dogs and understand proper dog greeting skills to develop this relationship.

She is not aggressive but has a history of terrorizing cats in an attempt to play, so a cat free home is a must.

Foxy has a couple fears she is working on— items that make loud noises! She barks at the vacuum, blender, hairdryer. She also barks to let you know when she needs out or wants to play. Her bark is impressive for her size so her new owner must be prepared for noise, although her barking can be redirected.

This girl is the dog of a lifetime. She will be an amazing loyal companion, stuff of dreams. She cannot wait for many more adventures in the perfect furever home.