News from Hillary’s new mom.

Hillary is super smart. She knows where the sun is throughout the day and tries to climb over gates to get to it if it’s blocked. Lol. She loves her sunshine and sometimes grumbles when you move her. She does correct with a stern “no” easily.

She has even bonded to my father in law. Oddly she will sit next to him or on him and sleep on him. We did not expect this.

She is loving her home cooked meals and treats as well.

She loves walks, just not the backyard when it’s wet.

Like I said, she is a very different dog that is super sweet and lovable with a bit of sassiness. We love her to pieces and I’m sure she has rescued us and certainly has stolen our hearts. I will stay in touch with CCRT.

She has plans for play dates with rescue Sydney and her foster mom coming up!