CCRT foster homes across Canada include families consisting of both humans and their own pets. These pets are instrumental in welcoming new foster dogs into the home and ‘showing them the ropes’. This can include where the back door is, who gives out the tastiest treats, the best place to nap in order catch the maximum amount of sunlight and where the best fire hydrants are. These pets can also influence the foster dogs into learning proper manners and behaviour. For this, and so many other reasons, we wish to pay hommage to the CCRT ‘furry’ volunteers who have since gone onto Rainbow Bridge. It is our hope that they will continue thier efforts at the Bridge in welcoming all dogs who arrive. Holly is one such dog.

Our dog Holly was a beautiful black and tan long-haired Chihuahua, Pomeranian mix whom I would describe as feisty, determined, cantankerous and sometimes even cuddly.  She had big fluffy ears and the softest coat I had ever felt.

We had originally taken her into our home as a CCRT foster and after a year, we decided she would stay with us for however long she had. We had the pleasure of loving her for six years.

In the beginning Holly had about 10% of her eyesight and hearing, however that quickly diminished until she was totally blind and deaf. The sightlessness was due to cataracts and the cause of her deafness was undetermined.  The last year she also suffered from Cushing’s  Disease and heart failure. Even with all these illnesses, her spirit and spunk remained and she never surrendered to these conditions and was generally a very happy gal.
That she came from an abusive background was obvious judging by her mental and physical condition in those first months. However, in time she realized that she had found kindness and love and I am so grateful that we were the ones to have been able to have shown her that.

Holly died in her bed at home in August of 2007, likely of heart failure at the age of approximately 17. Both the people and dogs in our family miss her terribly and we would give anything to have her back again….even for one more day of hugs and kisses.

A Personal note from me to Holly; “Wait for Mom at Rainbow Bridge baby girl and we’ll find each other……..and know that I will love you forever and a day my precious Holly Dolly Dumpling.”

Love from Mom (Cathy), Dad, Munchkin and Peanut (now gone too – I pray they are once again playing together).