Oscar came to CCRT on July 9, 2015.  Oscar was rescued from a very abusive home.  We discovered very quickly that Oscar would not be a candidate for adoption and he became a long-term CCRT foster.  His foster family were a Godsend.  They promised to love and care for this troubled, difficult, severely abused boy.  They went far beyond the call of duty.  They loved and adored Oscar unconditionally and provided the most exemplary care for the remainder of Oscar’s days.  He arrived in rescue terrified of many things.  All things really.  Men, children, his own shadow, people in general.  We can only imagine what Oscar endured prior to being surrendered to us.

Oscar, whose unfortunate past rendered him terribly fearful and fear-aggressive, constantly shaking, and constantly hiding-from-the -world, was loved, safe, secure, and very well cared for by his foster family, who considers themselves to be his furever.  That is an understatement.  He was absolutely adored.  Loved like crazy.  Which is why we are devastated by his passing.  We are so sad for their loss.

Oscar’s furever (dedicated, loving long-term foster family) gave him the best 4 years plus of his life and we can not express how grateful we are for their love and compassion.  Today was a difficult day for all of us.

Rescue is heartbreaking.  Rescue is beautiful.  Rescue is love, compassion, empathy and truly gut-wrenching.  All at once.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rest in peace Oscar.