RIP August 2014


Taco came into our lives in 2001 through a foster home in Lethbridge,
Alberta (Giselle).

It wasn’t easy as Giselle thought he was so special that she might
like to keep him for herself. But we met and I promised to keep in
touch which I did faithfully over the years and I took him home. He
wasn’t very happy at first and spent the hour ride home cowering on
the back floor of the car, although the second he got to his new
home, he quickly attached himself to me and followed me everywhere.
He fit right in. He became the annoying “little brother” every
bigger dog wants, sleeping in his bed, eating his food, and stealing
his toys.

Last September he developed a strange wheeze which got progressively worse.

Through many clinic visits and much testing it was discovered that he
had what we all dread – old age. His heart was no longer working the
way it should and his liver was enlarged.

Today I made the very difficult decision to let him go. He could no
longer breath properly and his tongue was turning blue. I can take
pride, however, in knowing that he had a good life and I did the best
I could. When I could no longer do it, I needed to let go.

Bye, Taco…

Taco : RIP

Taco : RIP