October 2016

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UPDATE July 13, 2016

Brooklyn is a year old chihuahua/toy poodle cross. She was surrendered by her owners due to fear aggression issues towards strangers.

Since coming into foster care with CCRT Brooklyn has met challenges head on, and is on her way to gaining confidence, and not being fearful of others. Once Brooklyn trusts a human, she is a loving little dog. Because of her issues with strangers, she would do best in a household that doesn’t have a lot of human visitors.

Brooklyn has slowly learned how to be accepting of others, although it takes some time and many visits from the person. She will bark, growl, and go up to peoples legs that she is fearful of – she stops at that. However if pushed past her comfort zone , she may bite.

She loves hanging out with her foster mom – either beside her, or on her lap when relaxing. She will also supervise activities such as showers and bathroom breaks; she is very helpful in ensuring that you are completing all these tasks appropriately.

Brooklyn is still working on housebreaking but has become fairly consistent at using pee pads (she seems to prefer this over doing her business outside – but will also pee/poop outside). She has come a long way with her housebreaking over the past few weeks but will need someone that is patient to help her continue to learn.

She has just turned 1 year old, and is still very much a puppy. She is active and playful with both toys and the other dogs in the house. She would benefit from being in a family that is active and can engage her with both play and outdoor activities. She is respectful of items around the house and does not chew or destroy things (other than her toys).

Brooklyn has met many dogs in her time in foster, and she seems good with dogs of all sizes. She would do well with another dog to play with and keep company  but would also be fine as an only dog (and the human will be her play buddy). Cats are a bit of an unknown; however she did met one at the vets, and she interacted well.

She does well being groomed and handled by her foster mom and will allow for baths, brushing (which turns into a game), nail trims and also holding still for facial trims.

Overall she has become a fairly good walker on leash.  When she first came into foster she would be all over the place. She just needs a little work on her pulling from time to time.

Brooklyn has come a long way with being in the car. When she first arrived in foster care she would throw up, be very nervous and even pee/poop herself. She now rides nicely harnessed into her car seat, looking forward to where the adventure may take her.

In her spare time she loves belly rubs, playing with her foster sibling, going for walks, going to the park,  playing with toys and napping close to her human.

Brooklyn’s main need in a furever home is being somewhere that can continue to work and be patient with her in her fear aggression issues towards strangers.

Brooklyn would not be suited to apartment/condo living due to her fear aggression issues towards strangers – making elevators and hallways difficult for her to navigate with her behaviours.

Brooklyn also has her very own Facebook page! You can keep up on her progress, and enjoy her antics there.

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Vital Stats

DOB: 11th July 2015.  One year old.

Weight: about 5-6 lbs

Previous health history: repaired  bilateral  ‘cherry eye’ (prolapsed 3rd eyelid)

Location: Mississauga

Adoption donation: $400