November 12, 2019: Adoption Pending!


Daisy and Caesar are a beautiful bonded pair of 9 year young chihuahuas who found themselves in need of a new family when their human suddenly and unexpectedly passed away.  They share their foster home with 3 resident Chihuahuas and get along well.  These sweet  cuddle bugs adore each other and can be found snuggling together when they aren’t wrestling and playing.

Daisy LOVES food (who doesn’t?) currently weighing in at 8.8 lbs.  Her Foster Mom is working on getting Daisy’s beach body back. She has luxating patellas with degenerative changes in her left knee causing it to dislocate at times.  She limps around until it settles naturally back in place.  Surgery is not indicated at this time and weight loss will likely benefit her tremendously with regard to her knee.  Daisy loves to snuggle in your lap and is big on kisses.  She is fairly quiet but will bark when people enter the house.  Daisy initially did some marking at her foster home but that has since stopped.  This love bug enjoys her walks and walks well on leash.  She does not like loud noises and will scurry away if hearing one.  This clever gal has taught herself how to let herself in through Foster Mom’s doggie door however has not yet mastered going out!  She scratches the door to let you know she wants to go out.  She also will use a pee pad if need be.


Daisy enjoys her stuffies… chewing, tossing, tugging and chasing but most of all she loves her buddy Caesar.  She is often found snuggled up with him or grooming his face and ears. These two have a strong and beautiful bond with one another.  Daisy will be heading off for a dental cleaning and a tooth extraction in the near future.

Caesar, much like Daisy, also LOVES food, weighing in at 8 lbs.  So, Foster Mom is working hard at getting this young man back in shape too!  Luckily, he also enjoys his walks.  He walks well on his leash.  Caesar is more vocal than Daisy and likes to let the outdoor world know he is there!  He barks when someone enters the home and any other time he hears noise.  Caesar enjoys belly rubs and playing with Daisy.  He is missing some teeth from previous dental extractions and finds harder food or treats difficult to eat.  He is currently eating kibble that has been slightly softened but not mushy.  Caesar is a happy boy who enjoys exploring.  Initially at his foster home he began to mark, but that has settled down.  He does his business outside as well as on pee pads.  Caesar, much like Daisy, does not like loud noises.  He has some difficulty walking over lips in the floor such as the sliding door tracking or the baby gate floor track as it causes some fear, likely due to the uncomfortable feeling when it connects with his paws.  He LOVES snuggling with Foster Mom and Miss Daisy.

Their ideal home will be full of love and care, walks and treats (but not too many) and stuffies, of course, for Daisy.  This adorable duo will need a single family home – no apartments for these vocal characters- without cats and/or children.  In particular, Caesar is reacting not so nicely to quick movements and while Foster Mom is working with him on that, a laid back home with a ‘Netflix and chill’ attitude is best. 

Recently, Caesar has taken to be rather protective of Foster Mom and isn’t a big fan of others sharing her attention. He has reacted negatively to other adults being very close to her or even when hugging her, which is not the kind of behaviour we want to Caesar to display. Foster Mom is working to correct this and hopefully he will see there is enough love to go around.


If these two would complete your family, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for them, or any of our other fosters dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.


Vital Stats


DOB: Feb 2, 2010
Weight: 8.8 lbs
Location: Milton Ontario
Colour: lighter brown

Adoption donation: $600 for the pair.


Vital Stats


DOB: July 6, 2010

Weight: 8lbs

Location: Milton Ontario
Colour: darker brown

Adoption donation: $600 for the bonded pair