August 2016 – we are pleased to report Jazz has been adopted! He is anxious to settle into his new forever home!


Meet Jazz, a handsome Chihuahua mix  boy who has just arrived in foster care. He was a stray  who was brought into a shelter and turned over to CCRT.

His foster Mom suspects he was well taken care of before he went astray. He is a perfectly-behaved dog. He loves his walks. He is housebroken and is spending a lot of time trying to claim his territory outdoors. This is going to take a while, as there are many bushes, trees, poles, and rocks to check out!

There are a lot of dogs around his foster home. He is friendly with dogs his size. He is a bit afraid of bigger dogs, so his foster mom is introducing him to them slowly and he is improving.

An otherwise healthy dog, Jazz was seen by the CCRT vet (as all our dogs are) and was found to have a Grade 2 heart murmur. [1] He is asymptomatic and nothing needs to be done at this time. He has had his teeth cleaned and seen a professional groomer and he is as handsome as ever.

This loving boy likes a lot of attention. He loves to be petted and to sit on a lap. When his foster Mom is reading or at her computer, she must pet him a lot. If she reaches over to turn the page of the book or to use the mouse, he places a paw on her hand to remind her to get back to paying attention to him!

If you would like to adopt Jazz, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.


[1] Merck Manual Veterinary Edition. 2014. Diagnosis of Heart Disease / Heart Murmers [online] [Accessed: 23 Apr 2016]. Heart murmurs are audible vibrations emanating from the heart or major blood vessels and generally are the result of turbulent blood flow or vibrations of cardiac structures. They are graded by intensity from 1 to 6.


Age – approximately 8 to 10 years old

Weight: 12.2 pounds

Location: Toronto, ON

Adoption donation: $225



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