July 26, 2015: Adoption!

These girls are a bonded pair and must be adopted together

Hi, my name is Yuki and this is my sister Keiko. ¬†Our foster momma thinks we are the cutest redheads ever and she seems to love it when we greet her at the door when she comes home from work or shopping. She thinks it’s cute that I always walk our company to the door when they leave for the day or evening too. I’m very polite like that.

Our favourite thing to do is go for a walk. We get very, very excited about this excursion, especially my sister. She jumps over the moon to go for a walk. Literally jumps. Our foster momma has a difficult time getting the harness on Keiko because she won’t keep still long enough.

We have learned to do “business” outside which is kind of neat but when our foster momma isn’t home, we use the good old-fashioned pee pad.

We have two foster siblings and two kitties we live with here and we all get along quite well. I have recently noticed that when I’m outside, I have the power to chase the birds away. I’m not the fastest runner, but I’m in training so I’ll improve, I’m sure. It is quite fun.

Keiko likes to hop after her dollies like a bunny when they are thrown but I’m more of a bird chaser in our backyard. We are both very big on cuddling and give lots and lots of kisses. We can be a little shy around new people but we relax after awhile.

We are both a little nervous around small children but aren’t mean to them. We are just nervous. We much prefer it if we lived in a home that didn’t had small children though.

Age-approximately 7 years old
Weight-7.2 pounds
Location- Cambridge

Age-approximately 7 years old
Weight- 11 pounds
Location- Cambridge


Adoption Donation-$600 for both dogs.