May 21, 2020

Kevin has come a long way since landing in his foster home and is ready for adoption!

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are NOT conducting home visits nor meet and greets, which are a mandatory part of our adoption process.

So, please be mindful that our adoption process is hindered for the time being and we will not put our volunteers nor the community at risk by making exceptions.

Thank you for understanding.

Kevin is a sweet, long legged, dapper young fellow who found himself in the care of the CCRT when his owner moved out of the country. Kevin lived a very sheltered life and did not know what life was like outside of the four walls of his apartment as he never left them.

Kevin arrived into foster stressed, panicked and understandably distraught. It took a week for him to decompress and another week to settle comfortably into his foster home. Kevin was incredibly nervous and avoided interaction initially in foster, keeping his distance and howling out of fear from the corner. With his foster homes’ proper guidance, this behaviour improved daily and is no longer an issue in the home, he is completely settled in and happy as can be. However, his extreme stranger danger continues to be an issue to work on as the current social distancing situation has made it that much hard for his foster family to help him overcome.

Kevin really enjoys going on walks with his Chi friends now that he knows what it means to be out and able to explore. His tail wags when his harness comes out and he does circles and races around till he gets suited up to go. Kevin walks confidently with his tail up and wagging. We can now walk by people on the sidewalk without issue but if those people attempt to stop and chat, he will begin to panic at the end of the leash and flails himself around – that is his typical reaction. His foster family is working on this with him but currently, he will not let anyone he does not know near him. That is the reality that is Kevin right now, but his foster family knows that with time, guidance he will come around quicker and quicker to new people.

Speaking of the resident Chi’s, Kevin LOVES having friends, he thinks his new Chi friends are pretty darn cool. He engages in play with them and is also learning that toys look fun as well but still a bit awkward with how to play with a toy, that will come with time. This is HUGE progress for a dog that did not know what other animals or toys were about when he arrived. A confident dog friend of similar age and size is a must in his new home.

Kevin is fully pee-pad trained, he never went outside, so he has no idea that doing his business out there is even an option. His foster home, both two and four-legged, have been working hard on getting him to consistently go outside and he is about 75% there. YAY!

One final thing to bring up that his foster family has learned about Kevin is that he has some minor food sensitives. Nothing major but still something to consider and the foster family will discuss further with any possible applicant. Now for the hard questions. Are you the right home for Kevin? Below is a checklist of what we are looking for in a family for Kevin.

 Are you an ADULT only active home?
 Do you have a playful & confident small dog?
 Do you have previous experience in working with dogs with severe reactive issues?
 Do you enjoy going on walks and spending time outdoors in the sun?
 Do you have the time to commit to building Kevin’s trust and working with him?
 Do you enjoy dog cuddles and dog kisses? Kevin is an all-star at these things.

If you checked YES to all, please continue with the application if you are interested in learning more about Kevin. If you DID NOT check YES to all, Kevin might not be the right fit for your family. It does not mean your home is not a great home for a dog, just not the right one for Kevin. Kevin needs a home that will continue to work with him on his fear. That way, he has the skills to move forward with his life without the fear and apprehension that he came to us with.

Please watch for Kevin’s progress updates on our Facebook page.

You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for Kevin, or any of our other fosters dogs.

Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.

Vital Stats

Age: 3 yo

Weight: 7 lbs

Location: Barrie Ontario

Adoption Donation: $400