Updated March 24, 2020


Kevin is a sweet, long legged, dapper young fellow who found himself in the care of the CCRT when his owner moved out of the country. Kevin lived a very basic and sheltered life and didn’t know what life was like outside of the four walls of his apartment.

Since arriving in his foster home, he has had his life turned upside down and everything in his life is new to him. Kevin had ZERO life experience and every sound, person, dog, toy, and even going outside was incredibly overwhelming for him at first. It took a week for him to decompress and another week to settle comfortably into his foster home. Kevin was very nervous and avoided interaction initially in foster, keeping his distance and howling. With guidance, this behaviour got better daily, but this will be an ongoing issue to work on with him as he will do this in any new situation. Once he moved beyond his nervous behaviour, Kevin’s true nature appeared, and it was worth the wait. He is super sweet, playful, inquisitive and cuddly.

Kevin really enjoys going on walks now that he knows what it means to be out and able to explore. His tail wags when the foster mom takes out his harness and sweater and he does circles and races around till he gets suited up to go. He walks well on the leash but still needs reassurance that everything is going to be ok while he is out there, and he looks to his foster family for that guidance and support. He was also very popular at the local pet store, but new people are still very scary to him and that will take time and patience to move him passed.

Kevin is fully pee-pad trained, he never went outside, so he has no idea that doing his business out there is even an option. His foster home is working on that now that the snow has melted, and time can be spent outside without freezing. He is interested in following the foster homes resident Chi’s outside when they go and has started to catch on to the idea that outside you can do your business – small steps are a WIN. When they come back inside, he races around very excited and checks everyone out – it is beyond cute.

Speaking of the resident Chi’s, Kevin LOVES having friends, he thinks his new friends are pretty darn cool – dogs and cats. He has started to engage in play with them and is also learning that toys look fun as well but still a bit awkward with how to play with a toy, that will come with time. This is HUGE progress for a dog that didn’t know what other animals or toys were about when he arrived in our care. A dog friend of similar age and size is a must in his new home.

Kevin and his foster home are taking the time needed to make sure that Kevin gets the life experience he needs in order to be a happy and well-adjusted dog. That way, we can make sure he has the skills to move forward with his life without the fear and apprehension that he came to us with.

Please watch for Kevin’s progress updates on our Facebook page.

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Vital Stats

Age: 3 yo

Weight: 4.8 lbs

Location: Barrie Ontario

Adoption Donation: $400