No further applications will be accepted for Lily.

Ages: 2-3 years old
Weight: 5.2 lbs
Location: Beamsville, Ontario
Adoption donation: $500

Lovely Lily has found her way to our care after being picked up as a stray, going unclaimed (we know, how is this possible?) and being transferred to CCRT via a shelter partner.  This tiny (5.2 lbs) beauty is guesstimated to be between 2 and 3 years young based on dental x-rays and general teeth condition.  She has undergone and recovered beautifully from a major surgery to repair bilateral inguinal hernias and had a full dental cleaning with one extraction.  She arrived with areas of baldness on her head, near her ears, and most of her underside – unrelated to allergies.  This hair appears to be re-growing now that she is in the comfort of a loving foster home and receiving proper nutrition.
Speaking of nutrition, Lily likes both wet and dry food but definitely needs tiny kibbles to keep her teeth in tip-top shape.  She eats fairly well though she eats best when her human(s) are in the room with her at mealtime.  Who likes eating alone?  Right.  Lily doesn’t either!
Lily barks at strangers when she first meets them.  However, if the stranger pets her and/or picks her up, they are an immediate friend and she instantly loves them.  Especially if they place her on their lap, her favourite place to be.  She is a complete lap dog as she adores cuddling.  She loves the 12 year old human in her foster home so respectful, older children are OK.  Lily will bark at new animal friends as well.  This, however, doesn’t stop until she is removed from the situation or time is taken to let them get to know each other.  A quick passing while out for a walk will result in barking.  She is a chihuahua after all.  Incidentally, Lily walks very well on lead.  When Lily meets new dogs who have come to visit the home, she is scared but will become used to them given time.  We recommend that if Lily’s new home has canine residents, they be the same small size as Lily.  Larger dogs scare her when they attempt to play and they could easily hurt her.  Lily’s foster home has resident cats and Lily will chase them but does no harm whatsoever and really just wants to understand these strange creatures.  If she is actually able to catch up to one of the cats, she nudges them with her nose.
Lily is completely toilet trained and prefers going outside to do her business.  If the weather is truly terrible, she may run back in after completing #1 and save #2 for the house.  This happens extremely seldom.
Lily loves to play with toys and loves when you throw them for her to chase and catch.  Her preference is stuffies and she does not destroy them.
Lily ends her day by tearing around doing zoomies on the bed every night, and then lying down on her back, wiggling and asking for belly rubs.  She loves belly rubs.  At all times of the day – not just bedtime!
In the words of Lily’s foster Mom – “She is truly wonderful.”

Lily needs a forever home with someone who is home part of the day….or  she can go to work with owner.  She is very social so alone all day would be too long to leave her. She may be okay if left with another dog her size, if they get along.  Her happiest moments are in someone’s lap.  She lives for that type of contact.

You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for her, or any of our other foster dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.