Jaxx has an adoption pending.

Ages: 8 months
Weight: 6 lbs
Location: Mississigua, Ontario
Adoption donation: $700

Jaxx found his way to CCRT after being surrendered to a local shelter for no fault of his own.  Once we were contacted about his plight, Jaxx’s foster Mom rushed over to spring this scared, confused puppy from the loud, terrifying environment.  Jaxx has been under CCRT care for a short while but he has let us into his puppy world and he is ready for his furever family if they meet his (and our) criteria.  Warning:  snuggles and a warm lap must always be on the menu.
Jaxx is a sweet, cuddly little pup who constantly seeks affection. His favourite activities include kissing his human(s), snuggling and playing with his toys.  As he is still a young puppy, he loves to chew and will gravitate to items that are not his chew toys.  Luckily, he is easily redirected but will require some supervision with this regard.  He is a huge kisser (licker) so his new family must love kisses.  Many, many kisses.  He follows his foster Mom around at all times and constantly seeks reassurance.  At this point in his young life, he lacks confidence and requires assistance addressing new situations.  Jaxx is initially fearful of new situations but with reassurance, is working through his fears.  This should hopefully improve as he develops confidence and some independence.  At night time, he loves snuggling tightly with his human.  He provides a free 30 minute love facial before nodding off.  Have we mentioned that he LOVES giving kisses?!?
On arrival, it seemed as though Jaxx had not been exposed to other dogs nor to many people.  As he has become comfortable in his foster home, he has made great friends with one of the resident chihuahuas and they play beautifully together.  Though he is quite “humpy” during play, he is very respectful of growls and backs off when corrected.  Once Jaxx feels comfortable with other dogs, he will attempt play and engages very well.
House breaking is a work in progress.  At this point in his training, he seems to be aware that his business is to be done outside or on a pee pad however, he still does #1 anywhere, including the human bed.  For this reason, his new family must be patient and diligent with his training and supervise him until he has mastered the concept of appropriate pottying.  He does very well at night though, and will hop off the bed if he needs to use the bathroom and will properly use his pee pad and return to the security and comfort of the bed.
Jaxx tends to be quite vocal and as a result, isn’t suitable for apartment/condo living.  He has been learning the command “quiet” and has been doing well when it involves low-level triggers.  However, when the barking trigger is more intense, he struggles to correct with commands/redirection.  He barks at others both outside and inside the home.  If a known visitor (human or canine) enters the home and he is not yet comfortable with their presence, he will bark not only upon entry but every time they move around in the home.  His new family must be easy-going when it comes to barking, as he is a dog after all, and this may not resolve.
He is learning to walk on lead and has made some improvement.  He chews on his lead and tries to back out of his harness when overwhelmed.  As he is a flight risk especially when encountering new situations, he must be double leashed (or with a proper martingale collar) until such time that he has grown out of this.
Jaxx has some separation anxiety which should continue to improve with confidence and routine.  Upon arrival, poor Jaxx would spend the entire time he is left alone crying.  He now settles after 15-20 minutes.
Jaxx’s ideal home should be a detached house due to his love of barking and should not be left at home alone alone for a full day.  He has shown his foster Mom that he is able to tolerate no more than 4 hours alone at home.  He is a puppy after all and he needs regular bathroom breaks and human contact and an outlet for his puppy energy.  His ideal family should be patient and committed to his training – proper potty etiquette, barking, chewing only his toys, walking well on lead, and basic obedience.
Jaxx’s energy level is high and he is quite active.  He has not been cat tested.  He has not been child tested but would likely do well with respectful children who give him time and space to build trust and confidence.  Jaxx would be fine as an only dog or with a canine bestie.
**Please note that due to the level of interest in Jaxx, only potentially suitable applicants will be contacted.  Kindly ensure that you meet all of Jaxx’s criteria and that your adoption application is completed in its entirely.  Our volunteers are wonderful but we not have the manpower to call applicants for omitted answers.

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