Jack – well let me tell you about this lil guy !  He is doing fantastic ! You would not believe the change in him from when I got him I actually think maybe someone switched him on me !  His nick name is Jack “the Rat” as he tells on the other dogs by barking – YES BARKING holy moly ! He has fit in nicely – more like we fit in nicely – lol – He is not shy any longer with us as he was when we got him – that lasted about a week now he knows where his home is he settled right down and in fact has been in the other dogs cages which surprised me as he is a puppy mill guy (with them in it or not ) He does this dance when coming in and out of outside – round and round and round so cute.  He is getting better with the pee pads it seems he does not like go on a soiled one so we keep them spread out so he can use one each time.  We are still working on walking – the leash seems to confuse him but were working on it. He comes when called stays when told and we can pick him up no problem ! anytime ! he likes it and will hop hop hop until one of us does pick him up.  He truly is a joy and I am blessed to see that face everyday.  He gets excited when we come home and when we get up  ! Ears are always up and tail is always up !!!! He is doing wonderfully!

– Submitted by Jack’s Furever Family, October 2013