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Meet Jake!

Jake is a young, feisty little Chihuahua who can jump over baby gates, loves to chase squeaky toys and prefers to end his day by snuggling under the covers. Does he sound like the guy for you?

Jake recently came into the CCRT’s care after spending some time in a shelter, where his previous owners took him after finding they could no longer give him the care and attention he needed.  

Three-year-old Jake is about 7 pounds of never-ending energy! When he is not busy trying to outsmart his foster mum’s baby gates or playing with his squeaker toys, he is demanding attention. Jake thinks nothing of pawing at your hands and suggesting you get down to business and pet him. He is a constant jumper with good height and can easily knock things down if they are left close to a counter edge in the kitchen. Having said that, he does enjoy some occasional quiet time with his foster mom and furry foster siblings.

Jake is currently sharing his foster home with the three resident Chihuahuas and gets along with both his male and female foster siblings. At a recent vet check, he encountered two cats a bit larger than himself and demonstrated healthy curiosity without being overbearing. Jake does appear somewhat human possessive with his “chosen one” and has occasionally nipped his doggy foster brother to direct him away from foster mum. When Jake is near his foster mum, he does not like other humans engaging with him, such as picking him up or moving him. He will give warning growl to let you know! Jake could benefit from some training in this area and will need a family who is patient and willing to work with him.

A typical Chihuahua, Jake follows his foster mum around the house, even scaling the baby gate to follow her upstairs! He loves to sleep in the bed with his humans, although luckily he’s not a bed hog. Jake is a good eater and does not appear to food guard.  

This little guy is pee pad trained but does his business outside as well. He walks well on leash and is cautious in high-traffic areas.

Due to his energy level, Jake will do best in a home that can provide a lot of stimulation and activity (balls and toys) as well as regular walks. Jake does bark and would not be suited for apartment living. He currently resides in an adult only home and has not been tested with kids. He prefers to meet new people on his own terms and sometimes flees to his crate when someone new arrives.

Jake is a sweet, energetic little guy who needs an understanding home. Is that you? If so, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other foster dogs.

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Vital Stats

Age: 3 yo

Weight: 7 and a half pounds

Location: Milton Ontario

Adoption donation:  $400