We heard from Jazz’s new mom the other day!  Here’s the latest.

My parents stayed with me for a few days in late August, and he and my mother were completely smitten with one another. He was always by her side when we were at home, and was clearly happiest when she came out on walks with us.

He has become a wonderful walker! We can now walk up to half a block without stopping, and he trots along beside me as I walk at a comfortable pace. About 20% of the time he still prefers to mosey along and sniff virtually every blade of grass, though generally he walks at a reasonable pace, and if he lingers too long will start moving again with me simply saying, “come on,” or “let’s go.”

On our walks, or when we’re sitting in the park, people very frequently ask to pet him, and on our walks, he always veers in the direction of a person that may be standing on the sidewalk waiting for a bus. He loves, loves, loves to be petted, and I always enjoy how much joy he brings to people when he offers himself up for some affection.

Generally, though, he is doing great, seems fully settled in, and I couldn’t adore him more.