June 30, 2014  Jersey has been adopted.  No further applications will be accepted.


Jersey is a 3 year old 8.5 lbs surrender to the CCRT.

Jersey is a fun loving, playful dog. She loves to play fetch with a ball, play with stuffed animals, and zoom up and down the hallway. Jersey is completely housebroken and goes only outside (keep in mind with any new environment accidents may happened during the adjustment period). Jersey is higher energy and benefits from at least 1 hour of exercise a day. She enjoys time outside at the park and going for walks. She really loves to go rollerblading and she is super fast. Jersey would be a great dog to do agility or flyball with.

Her favourite place to sleep is under the blankets with her human, and she is more than happy to let you sleep in on the weekend.  She also enjoys belly rubs and snuggling.

Since coming into foster Jersey is unsure in many situations and needs regular direction in meeting people and dogs, however has made some excellent progress in in both of these areas. She would likely do best in a home where she is an only dog. However with the right fit, she could make a good friend to an existing dog (she is very picky about which dogs she likes and which she does not). She is a dominant dog, and she can be overbearing towards other dogs and at times can bully them. That being said, she does enjoy time with other dogs, and even plays with some of them – she just needs to be supervised and reminded on appropriate dog manners.

Jersey would not be suitable for condo living as she can be a barker. She responds well to redirection, and is making great progress.

Jersey is also working on meeting and feeling comfortable around people. She is nervous when meeting new people, but given some time and treats she does warm up, and will eventually come for a pet. Jersey is unsure of new male humans – she tends to bark at them or can make attempts to nip at their pant legs while walking away if given the opportunity. With praise and redirection these situations can be minimized and/or avoided.

Jersey’s ideal furever home would include a family that likes to spend time outdoors, and taking her along on your adventures. She would benefit from a family that could provide consistent direction from all members (no children under 12 years), and that have a good handle on training and redirection to help her continue to grow and become more confident. Jersey’s furever home would also have her as the only dog, or a current dog that she would be a good fit for. Cats are also dependant on the individual cat (she she picks and chooses these also).

Jersey is an amazing little girl that deserves the most amazing furever home.


To see Jersey in action, please check out her videos!


Running on Leash

Jersey’s Vital Stats

Age: 3 years

Weight: 8. 7 lb

Location: Mississauga Ontario

Adoption donation: $400