November 25, 2019 – Adoption Pending

This young pup is fun-loving, playful, mischievous and brimful of snuggles. If you want to laugh every day, throw a ball for an agility ninja and have the BEST downtime snuggles, Jasper might be the perfect addition to your home.

Jasper was surrendered to a local shelter after being abandoned by his owner. He seemed skinny and scared but a couple weeks in a loving foster home and he’s gained some weight and is showing what a wonderful dog he truly is. There seem to be unlimited belly rubs here, walks, a backyard and so many tiny humans to throw toys! We think he is a chi-terrier cross of some sort. And boy is he handsome!

This pup’s biggest dream is for a family. He has endless patience and play for the young children in his foster home and has even been enjoying walks to and from school, meeting lots friends. He is especially well behaved with exercise. He’ll do well with an active family, that’ll play fetch with him to his (and their) hearts content! He’s great on walks and is good with small dogs (off and on with bigger ones but usually a sniff snaps him out of fear barking).

All of Jasper’s initial challenges seem to be melting away. He’s eating like a champ, accepting treats, and mellowing out. He still doesn’t like his crate but he solved that problem all on his own by dragging over his blanket and making himself a very cozy spot at the end of his foster humans bed! He likes socks and slippers a bit too much to be left in the house on his own so a gated off room or Xpen would be the best place to leave Jasper solo.

He’s doing well with house breaking but prefers to do his business on walks rather than in a backyard. He’s a bit of a Houdini and manages to squeeze through the 3 inch gaps in his foster homes baby gates— his future home’s backyard or balcony must be VERY secure. He’s also a bit scrappy with food and is slowly understanding that he eats from a bowl, not the table itself.

Jasper does have a loud bark and lets it be heard when a stranger comes to visit and when he meets new people and dogs on walks. Once he has a sniff, his fear leaves quite quickly. He does make an exception for children and just goes in for pets, play and belly rubs. It’s important that his new home have the patience to work on his fears. He’s eager to please and a smart cookie—his foster family has been using positive reinforcement clicker training with him. Hopefully In the right home this challenge will vanish like the others. He just needs to be convinced that the dog guard life isn’t for him, lap dog life is where it’s at!

Our vet suspects he’s 1 yr old. He took his vaccines like a champ, is microchipped and all healed up from his neuter surgery. Ready for his forever home!

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Vital Stats

Age: about 1 yo
Weight 7 lbs
Location: Toronto Ontario
Adoption donation: $400