Devastated by the unexpected death of our beloved senior dog shortly after Valentine’s Day, my husband and I realized we just couldn’t live without a dog.  We began to look at the photos of dogs on rescue sites and saw Joy.

Since she’s come into our home, she’s really lived up to her name.  She is affectionate and funny and loves to go for walks and play.  She adores getting into her CCRT bed, wrapping herself totally in her little blanket like a mummy, and disappearing.  She is a champion snuggler and she loves to play fetch.

After a couple of days, we decided to change her name just a little bit to the Italian version of Joy–Gioia (pronounced Joy-ah).  We do a lot of classical singing and sometimes Gioia likes to sing along.  However you spell it, this little girl has brought a lot of joy into our home and our hearts.

Many thanks to the CCRT volunteers like Pam, Terry and Joy who made this happen.