November 2019  Update

Ella was a puppy mill survivor who was emotionally  broken.  Bred to within an inch of her life and then discarded along with 13 other chis…all of which we took into CCRT one Sunday evening. It was a mammoth task to coordinate this surrender with our vet and all our foster homes, but we did it!

Thought you’d love this.   For about the past two weeks — two months short of eight years — Ella now comes out from under my desk and sleeps in one of the several beds by the windows where my Yorkie, Annie, sleeps.  

Her hearing is almost gone and she is blind in one eye so it may be that she finally needs me…….  

Although her  appetite has never interfered with her desire to stay out of sight from me as much as possible, it would seem, with everything else,  the times they are a changin…….

She  does “stay” for me to pick her up, lets me kiss her as much as I want but this coming out in the open and actually falling asleep where I might appear at any time is a miracle step.

It was well worth the wait.

Ella's Mom