Our precious Lola went to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday night. I am sure she is happily playing with her furbuddies.

In 2008, 4 year old Lola was surrendered to CCRT. She weighed 3 lbs , had no hair and was desperately ill when she was surrendered. We fought long and hard to keep her alive. She was diagnosed with a serious liver condition and became our permanent foster . Taking care of her dietary needs, and with lots of love, she flourished. Her liver condition was not cured, was always a concern, but it was well maintained.

A few months ago, she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and thanks to Chris our wonderful vet at John St Animal Hospital she was put on a regime of heart medication. On Friday 12th July 2013 her heart could no longer sustain her life. She passed away peacefully in my arms.

What can I say about this unique little bundle of fur? She had a wonderful temperament, she loved everyone. She was our “policeman” who, if you called another chi, she would run and bark at them as if saying: “You are being called, hurry up”. No squirrel was allowed in our yard and she would sit on duty amongst the plants waiting to chase them away. When she was excited she would fold her little body into an accordion shape and wiggle -her entire body would wag. She loved being brushed, and with her hair, who could resist a Mohawk, or a Donald Trump comb over?

Lola was my Velcro girl.
We will miss you !