Latte is no longer accepting applications.

Age: 18 months
Weight: a little over 7 lbs
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Adoption donation: $500

Latte is a sweet and energetic young dog. And I’d like to highlight both of those attributes.

He doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. He is great with people, of all ages, in the home and on the street. In the home it takes him a minute to warm up but this could be due to him getting used to his newest situation.

He doesn’t need anytime warming up to fellow dogs though. This may be where is heart lies. He loves all dogs and wants to play with them all the time and his youthful energy shows. He is good at greeting new dogs and they can become fast play buddies. He can spot a dog park from a mile away!

Latte would do really well with another dog sibling who meets his energy level and loves to play.

He is a ball of energy and he needs an active home with owners who have dog experience. He shouldn’t be adopted to first time dog owners. He would thrive with lots of consistent training and exercise. Latte is super smart- knows basic commands and sits on request. He will require continued training.

He is getting better at house training – does a bit of marking that should reduce eventually. The more you take him out, the less he will have accidents in the home.

He is absolutely great on a leash! He’s a fantastic walker and best with a family who likes walking in all weather and temperatures for long periods of time.

He does great in public settings, like antique markets, greets people and is calm and patient. He does bark an unfamiliar sounds outside but with training he should reduce this.

Latte likes to snuggle on the couch and chew on his stuffy toys. Overall, Latte is great, energetic, playful and will be a great companion for an active person or family who wants to take him with them as much as they can.

You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for Latte, or any of our other foster dogs. Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.