November 12, 2019: Adoption Pending!

If he were human, we’d call him the quiet, studious type.  This super sweet boy is curious about everything.  When working in the home, Leo is the most perfect assistant, always present to lend a hand.  He is adorable to watch while “assisting” and constantly brings smiles to his foster family’s faces.  He loves to see what everyone is doing and loves to inspect things.  Make that everything.  He is extremely inquisitive.

Leo is fairly quiet, barking only when the door bell rings or he hears a loud startling noise.  If the resident dog in the home begins barking, Leo will join in the chorus.  But he is not the instigator, referring a more calm atmosphere in the home.

We believe that in Leo’s previous life, he was loved and well cared for.  His behaviour and physical condition indicates as such, especially his great teeth.  Leo is great with men, women, small dogs, cats and even strangers.  On a visit to his local Pet Valu, he happily approached everyone to say hello.  He loves being the centre of attention.  Who doesn’t?!?

Leo has an ongoing fascination with squirrels.  His favourite activity is chasing them in his foster home’s backyard.  Aside from this, he is otherwise a very mellow fellow.  He occasionally picks up a toy to play but this only lasts for a short while.  They don’t seem to provide the same excitement that squirrel chasing does.

Leo has a grade 3 heart murmur that at present, requires no medication.  In future, this could possibly change, but at present, it doesn’t slow him down at all.  He has bilateral luxating patellas, a very common chihuahua issue.  Again, this doesn’t slow him down and he can easily do a few steps up and down.  It is important that Leo’s future family ensure he doesn’t over exert himself, both for his heart and his knees.  Short/medium easy walks in nice weather and of course, backyard squirrel chasing is great.  Leo really loves his walks and walks beautifully on his leash.  If you have a very active lifestyle – trails, hiking, running – or if your home has many flights of stairs, Leo isn’t the dog for you.

Leo LOVES his food.  Who doesn’t?!?  As such, he is a little greedy with food and given the opportunity, he will steal from other dogs and humans.  Yes, both canines and humans are fair game when it comes to food thievery.  His attitude is “if I can get to it, I can have it.”  Care will have to be taken at meal time if his future family has other dogs.  We suppose, care will have to be taken with his future family’s food too!  If it’s not meant for dogs, food must be kept out of reach of this ingenious little fellow.

Leo is simply a sweetheart.  Full of love, cuddles, curiosity, fun, and food cravings.  If this sweetheart sounds like your perfect match, please fill out an adoption application.

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Vital Stats

Age: 10 yo
Weight: 5.9 lbs
Location: Woodbridge Ontario
Adoption donation: $250