Lily has an adoption pending. No further applications will be accepted.

Age:  Almost 8  (DOB 6/15/2014)

Weight: 6lbs
Location: Toronto
Adoption donation: $450

Dear Lily is a former CCRT rescue who was adopted several years ago, but recently returned to our care. She is sliming down, weighing approximately 5.5 pounds now and her daily walks – which she now loves – are playing an important role in this.

Lily was a bit confused when returned to CCRT care and was at first reluctant to eat, but after discovering her foster brother’s dental diet food, is enjoying her meals again. She is house broken and has had no accidents while in foster care.

Lily is quite talkative, and is constantly “mumbling to herself” when she is excited or stressed. She was quite ready to bite when she first arrived and was untrusting of everyone’s intentions. However, after a month in foster care she has really come around. Lily jumps and dances around to get her leash on (a step-in harness is a must as she refuses to have anything go over her head) and runs out the door for her walks. Lily sometimes stands on her front legs and backs up to a tree to pee in a very funny hand stand – it’s quite comical!

Lily has started playing with toys and running around with her 22 lbs foster brother, noting she is quick to put him in his place if she doesn’t like what he is doing. Lily loves her foster mom, following her everywhere and jumps at the chance to snuggle on the couch and watch TV with her. Lily has no issues with men and is happy to jump on their laps for cuddle and TV time too.  Now that she is learning to trust again, Lily loves to receive pets and attention. Lily is working to behave better when she encounters other dogs on her walks, she has made some improvements. It’s important to know she will bark non stop and bite if approached too quickly. She will however, come around with slow, gentle introductions. Lily has befriended some small dogs and even the neighbourhood Mastiff.

Lily is a unique soul and will require a special home in order to not revert to her spicy ways. Her ideal owner will have LOTS of patience, and understand the importance of training and consistency. Lily responds well to gentle feedback in order to gain your trust and firm correction to help her curb her bad instincts. Lily needs to know she will be protected so she doesn’t feel she has to protect herself from strangers and other dogs.

If you have the experience and patience for sweet Lily, please fill out an adoption application. You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for her, or any of our other foster dogs.


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