November 27, 2014


I can’t begin to tell you what a joy she is.  She is a precious little dog who is so cute and tiny you can’t help but hold her quite a lot and exchange kisses, which she does all the time.  She’s also so funny and makes us laugh with her escapades.


The first night home was confusing and I’m sure stressful for her.  She was clearly not understanding where she was, who we were or why she was here.


We let her adjust at her own pace bit she was timid the poor girl, and after a few hours, I brought her to sleep with me and she did finally fall asleep but the first night was restless.

On Saturday she got right up and she was like a new Lucie.  I took her downstairs alone and she immediately ate, went outside and then started playing with her toys.  That was the first day she started to really interact with all of us and has had no trouble eating or drinking or doing her business outside…all the usual vital things dogs do!

Each hour she got more and more comfortable and confident and on Sunday we took her to the CCRT for the holiday party where she saw her dog friends and foes (lol) and her dear foster Mumz.

Lee, she is a little angel.  She has clearly bonded to me, especially, it could be a female thing I’m not sure.  She bounds around the house, plays, eats, and is very very people oriented.  Some dogs are rather independent but Lucie is a true lap dog, and there’s always a lap for her or an arm to hold her or carry her around.

She’s one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever met.  So much love in a tiny body.  We are so happy she has come into our life….we keep saying, look at her, she’s so cute!!!!

We just want her to have many many healthy and happy years ahead, in a loving and consistent environment.  And…that’s with us!

Gerry and Michelle