November 3, 2015 Adoption Pending. No further applications will be accepted.


September 13, 2015  UPDATE

We are happy to report that that after four weeks of a special diet, Lucky’s urinalysis shows that his crystals are as close to zero as they can be without being zero.  Our Vet feels he is ready for adoption. Once the current bag of dog food is finished, he can be changed to the Hills C.D diet for a three month period.  No further problems are expected but a retest of the urine is recommended to confirm what would be best in regards to his ongoing diet. The forever family that gets “Lucky” need not worry about the cost of the retest as this will be covered by CCRT if the test is done at the John Street Animal Hospital in Thornhill, ON.

Lucky has revealed more of  his true personality in these four weeks.  He  has confirmed our first observations and he is outgoing, sociable, active, well behaved and loving.  He is a pleasure to to have in the foster home.

His foster family feels he would be best suited to an active person (or family) that has a lot going on in the home and would be willing to bring Lucky with them on social outings.  He is an intelligent boy and needs activity to keep him from getting bored.

When he is bored,  he moves his things around to let you know he needs something interesting to do. It  has been observed that,  like a small child, he will suck on the closest thing to him when he is bored, usually his paw. To keep him from doing this he can be given safe chew toys or he can be distracted with games. These are fun and have the added advantage of being a great bonding tool. In his foster home, he has learned to  sit, lay down and give a paw. Lucky is a very quick learner.  We are sure he will be a positive addition for the right person or family wanting to integrate him into their lives. If you are looking for a constant companion, Lucky is the friend for you.

If you would like to adopt Lucky, please fill out an adoption application. You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs, please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters, by making a cash donation towards their care.


Vital Stats

Age: 6 yo

Gender: Male, neutered

Weight: 7 1/2 lbs

Location: Woodbridge Ontario

Adoption donation: $400