October 5, 2018 Adoption Pending

Mia is a sweet puppy who was given to the CCRT as an owner surrender, meaning her family’s circumstances had changed and they were unable to give her the care and attention she needed. The good news is that this fluffy Chihuahua mix has lots of love to give and is ready to find her forever home!


As you might imagine, this tiny pup has endless energy and puts the energy bunny to shame!  She loves to give kisses and if you wear earrings, watch out, she tries to snatch them from your ears. She loves her foster mom and enjoys chasing her around, pulling her skirt and nibbling her feet every chance she gets.


Mia also is a typical puppy that play bites, but this has been mainly with her foster mom. Due to her age, Mia will need a home that is committed to continuing her training and socialization. She is still a puppy and has lots to learn.


She is a bit of a brat around her foster sibling (also a Chihuahua) and insists on initiating play without success.  Mia loves her toys, especially stuffies.  She enjoys playing fetch, but has yet to master the art of giving her toy back! She will do well with another dog as long as it is playful and high energy like her. Little sisters need attention, you know!

Mia’s new furever family should have a small, canine playmate for Mia who will match her energy level so she has the canine companionship she so loves and craves. 


At this time, Mia is afraid of bigger dogs especially if they are rambunctious.  She walks on a leash, but pulls and wanders all over the place, so she will require more training in this area.  She also requires daily grooming for her luxurious, long and fluffy coat! This will also help reduce her shedding.


Her few short encounters with children have been really good, and she enjoys playing with them and giving kisses.


Mia is a guard dog and will bark at noises and occasionally people she sees on her walks, so she will not be good for apartment living. Otherwise she has been quite quiet and has never made a peep during the night.


Her potty training is coming along. She uses pee pads and does her business outside, but occasionally has accidents. Mia is a puppy and needs someone home with her to take her on regular walks and teach her all the good things puppies need to learn. She loves exercise and would love an active companion or family where there is someone home for the majority of the day.  CCRT will not consider applications where people are working out of the home for a full workday.



If Mia is the girl for you, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs.


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Vital Stats

Age: 5 months old (born March 3, 2018)
Weight: 4.5 pounds (and growing!)
Foster location: Woodbridge, ON
Adoption donation: $700