May 25, 2015  Iggy has found a home to call his own!


Updated May 23, 2015

Iggy, who has been with CCRT since late January 2015, is a Chihuahua-Jack Russell terrier mix and is 6 pounds of fur and fun, fun, fun!  He’s very playful, loves to play tug and retrieve (which turns into tug). Iggy is very smart and has already learned some basic commands and tricks.  Iggy LOVES to be with you and is happy to be on your lap for a snuggle.  He adores being doted on and will nudge you if you happen to forget to pat him!

He fancies himself quite the watch dog and can be a bit barky at times.  He also may grab at pant legs of company if he’s not been introduced properly.

Iggy is wonderful at being handled, will allow his nails to be cut, bathing, grooming etc. without much fuss.  He’s excellent with other dogs and in particular, loves to play with dogs his size.  Iggy can sometimes be a bit intimidated by larger dogs but once he’s used to them he’s fine.  He’s good with cats but will join in chasing them if they run.

Iggy would do best with an active owner that is not gone for long periods of time.  He would love to have a yard to run in because he’s very fast and has a lot of energy!  Iggy is crate trained and house trained and very, very rarely lifts his leg in the home. We think he would be an excellent candidate for dog sports such as agility!

To adopt Iggy, please complete an adoption application.



Age: 18months-2yo


Location: Toronto

Adoption donation: $400