Marley has gone to his forever home.

Marley is settling in well and is making himself at home and comfortable.


Marley is a bundle of fun loving chihuahua energy.  He’s a playful pup with puppy energy (we haven’t told him he’s actually 4.5!) looking for an active home to love him forever.  Here are all the juicy details about his personality.

 Marley’s perfect human loves long walks along the beach, long hikes in the ravine, did I mention long walks? This pup is the perfect walking companion and is gung ho to explore the world.  He loves being outdoors and requires someone or a family that is very active so he can burn off that energy of his in a healthy way. 

When he doesn’t have a garden to explore, Marley can get bored.  His foster home have found activities to keep him busy, and safe toys to play with to redirect his energy.  He also has a habit of walking right under your feet– loyal pup that he is.  The problem is,  this can lead to quite a tangle, especially if he’s running and jumping to keep pace. It would be easy for someone to lose their balance and stumble or fall.  For this reason, he is not suited to an owner with mobility issues. 

 This boy is in excellent health with no outstanding issues.  He gets along with men and women BUT requires good dog handling.  He should be first to approach.  He may take a little longer to warm to men but gets there eventually.  He tolerates other pets but doesn’t love sharing affection and will wiggle his way to be the closest pet to his foster parent.  When he can’t be the one receiving TLC, he will bark in protest!

 Marley is working on his doggie manners.  On one hand, he pees on a pee pad or outdoors, freefeeds kibble without overeating  and isn’t an excessive barker– yipping at the usual things like the doorbell.  On the other hand, he can be a bit of a scavenger!  He will sneak a bite of your food or drink if its left at his level (ie the coffee table) or even try to snatch it from your hand as you walk by.  Luckily, Marley is food motivated, which will help him learn manners rather quickly.  We recommend that his forever home do further training so he can better understand commands.  He should not be let off leash until his recall and stay has improved.

 He is getting used to life around his foster home.  At first Marley was quite afraid of everything new, like the roomba, and automatic dog door–  But he is now more comfortable with them.  He doesn’t seem to have separation anxiety and was able to do well when his foster humans went out for a few hours.

 As Marley is still settling into his foster home, we are continuing to observe his behavior as he searches for his perfect furever family.  Marley is ready for adoption.

If you meet the criteria for Marley’s new home, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for them, or any of our other foster dogs.

 Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel for any of our fosters by making a cash donation towards their care.