Miss Daisy update!

 We’ve had Daisy about 6 months now. She’s getting much better in the car (she likes her puffy car seat). She is learning to love her walks and is continuing to improve on the leash. We take her on hiking adventures and she seems to have fun (when she’s tired she goes into a little bag). She really did find her forever home with us and we’re so thankful that CCRT brought her into it our lives.

The lovely Jen Black, drew this beautiful portrait of Daisy! She is beyond flattered and grateful!

Age: 5 yo (dob 28/11/2017
Weight :   between 6 and 7 lbs
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Adoption donation: $500

Daisy is a very shy, sensitive gal that likes to take her time getting to know you. In foster care, she has initially bonded more with the “foster mom” and tends to be wary of men. She is working on gaining more confidence, and discovering that new experiences can be fun. She is uncomfortable with the hardwood floor of the foster home and prefers her space on the couch. She likes to walk outside on a leash but prefers to do her business inside on her pad.

She requires a quiet home with no children. The ideal home will provide patience while Daisy builds trust, and approaches you on her own terms. She’s a firm believer in safe spaces – set up a cozy little pillow fort and she’ll be so happy! Daisy would prefer to share her affection with one female owner, but warms up to partners with a little time. She is a sweet girl who accepts affection on her own terms. Daisy would also excel as a second dog where she could learn the ropes and discover how much fun it is to have doggie adventures.
She is good when alone and relatively quiet except when people come to the door.
Daisy is in good overall health, spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on all vaccines. She had a dental cleaning which required seven extractions and is now back to a regular diet.

Likes: Treats, toys (stuffed animals), gentle petting, soft voices, sunny nap spots
Dislikes: Car rides, vet visits, people getting up in her space
Leash Trained: Yes, she walks well but requires more training
House Trained: Yes. She reportedly liked going outside at her old home.
Children: Based on previous experiences, Daisy is afraid of children.
Dogs: Daisy really likes other respectable and low energy dogs, especially ones her size. She loves snuggling and learning how to act like a dog.
Cats: From what we know, she was bullied by a cat and would prefer a home without any.
Energy Level: Low to moderate, but loves to play with her toys at night.

You can follow Daisy’s adventures on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Daisys-Den-117598911223876

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