Spots has found his forever home!

Here are a few notes from his new family.

We picked up Spots on Sunday! He is such a sweetie. He seems to have transitioned very well into our home…we need to build his trust up…he gives a lot of side eye…lol, but he loves his afternoon walks, treats, snuggling in bed and playing with the kids. He barks only at the postman each morning and although we were warned of a lot of whining, he actually has done very little. I had to leave yesterday for a couple hours and when my husband came in from his home office he said Spots was perfectly happy hanging in his open crate. We are so pleased to have him in our lives. I hope he is equally as happy. Thank you for all the great things you do rescuing these little guys.


I just wanted to touch base on Spots adjustment into his new home. He is doing really well! He did not make a peep in the car on the way home and then he took a few minutes to come out of his crate, but came out and got a lay of the land. He slept with me the first night, no issues and has continued to do so. He comes with me on my lunch hour walk and has been pleasant to the dogs he sees along the way. He has a nice clip to him so he keeps me moving! He is bonding well with the kids and they love him so much already. He has brought a nice energy to the household. His barking and whining has been very minimal. He wants to share in my lunch and that is when he is most vocal…lol. Thank you for keeping him safe for the last few months. We are honoured to have him in our home permanently.