July 14, 2015

Minnie’s happy ever after story;

Minnie’s been in her forever home for almost 3 weeks now and has adjusted well. Sheand our first dog Roxie get along well, and like to play tug of war and chase with each other. She loves to follow Roxie around and is learning things from her about being a dog. She likes going on walks, and spending time in the back yard (chomping any leaf or blade of grass that moves).

Minnie is so full of energy and is very playful, bringing out the playfulness in Roxie. She is very loving, funny and entertaining, as well as adorable, everyone instantly loves her the moment they meet her. She’s a quick learner and happy to please. She has completed our family and we would like to thank everyone at the CCRT for all that you do to help these homeless Chihuahua’s find their loving forever homes.