November 12, 2016

RIP Darling girl.



UPDATE September 28, 2015 from Misty’s foster mom:

We have noticed that Misty’s eyesight has been getting worse.  Her good eye is quickly getting really cloudy like her blind eye.  She has been walking into things more in the last week.  If I am standing in front of her more than 3 ft away she can hear me very well but can’t seem to pin point and look at me she just looks around. If I am standing close to her and I call her she can see me.  Outside in the sun it’s much worst.  I noticed when I take her for a walk she walks close to the edge of the trail, the bushes seem to guide her along.


This beautiful girl was found as a stray and turned over to CCRT by a shelter. Misty is a sweet tempered girl who loves any human and is 100% willing to meet anyone at any time with wiggles and kisses. She enjoys the company of humans anywhere and she meets strangers well.

She gets along well with small dogs but doesn’t pay much attention to them. She would be fine with 0-1 other dog in the house. She is fine with cats.

She has a good appetite and enjoys treats. Misty has a nap every day after breakfast. She is like a baby – Feed her and she is ready for a nap.

She is 101% house trained and has never had an accident in the house. She asks to go out  by pawing at your leg and getting really excited.


Misty loves to be warm. She has a grade 3-4 heart murmur[1] and her normal body temperature is lower than normal due to poor circulation. Her caregiver will have to be mindful to not let her get chilled. She loves her short walks and does well on a leash.

You may notice in her photo that Misty has a mature cataract [2] in her right eye.  She has had her teeth cleaned and a dental exam. She has a wry bite. This does not impede her in any way.

Misty will require a quiet, relaxed home with someone who is willing to give her lots of attention. She loves to just sit on the couch and enjoy the company of her human companion.

If you would like help, you can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for Misty, or any of our other foster dogs.

Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel . You can make a cash donation towards their care.

[1] Merck Manual Veterinary Edition. 2014. Diagnosis of Heart Disease / Heart Murmers [online] [Accessed: 11 Aug 2014]. Heart murmurs are audible vibrations emanating from the heart or major blood vessels and generally are the result of turbulent blood flow or vibrations of cardiac structures. They are graded by intensity from 1 to 6.

 [2] Merck Manual Pet Edition. 2014.  Disorders of the Lens in Dogs. [online] [Accessed: 21 Feb 2014]. A cataract occurs when the lens becomes cloudy or opaque, which effectively blocks light from reaching the retina. This causes a loss of eyesight that can range from mild vision problems to partial blindness.

Misty’s Vital Stats


Weight: 10lbs

Location: Arthur Ontario

Adoption donation: $225