Nanuk has an adoption pending.

Please read his profile carefully, and only apply if you meet the criteria required to be his forever home.

Age: 18 months
Weight: about 9.8 lbs
Location: Mississauga Ontario
Adoption donation: $500

Nanuk is a 1.5 yr old ball of big energy in a small 10 lb package. He is dreaming of a dog-experienced forever house (not apartment) with active humans that love to play, walk, run and have patience for his personality quirks.  If you are looking for a silly, playful and energetic dog, Nanuk will be your shadow, companion and best bud.

Nanuk is a powerhouse of playful energy and owner loyalty.  His favourite activities are to run, play with toys, rough house with a human, and of course snuggle time and to give kisses. He is very affectionate and a great cuddler. He likes to be where his human is.  In fact, Nanuk has a bad case of FOMO (fear-of-missing-out)….he always needs follow and keep an eye on the pack (dog and human pack!)  in the event he might be missing out on something.

He may be small but he is SPUNKY! Nanuk is not aware of his power when playing with other dogs. He plays very rough, and this can be off-putting, particularly for small dogs. He also believes all the toys are for him, and if any other dog tries to play with one of his toys, that is an invitation to pounce on them and steal it back! His doggy manners could be described as rude.  For this reason, if his future home has a dog, the pup must be easygoing or as mischievously playful as he is. He doesn’t interact well with cats and is not respectful of them.

Nanuk uses his mouth a lot to get your attention or to play. He will grab, but has good bite inhibition. Due to his mouthiness, we recommend that any children in the home are experienced dog handlers or a bit older to handle his playful intentions.

Mouthiness update:

Nanuk has learned that he doesn’t need to use his mouth to get attention, and grabbing at hands has greatly decreased for the purpose of attention. He also can be easily redirected to toys instead of hands while playing

Nanuk is HIGH ENERGY.  His dream forever home would provide several long walks a day, or (even better!) a runner/blader/skateboarder to help get some of his energy out.

He walks on leash well, but will bark at people, dogs, wind, leaves and definitely squirrels.  He can be anxious and nervous when meeting new people or in new situations, but once he trusts he relaxes quickly.

Barking….BARK BARK BARK. He is an excessive barker. While he has shown some improvement with training, this is an issue that is ongoing and his new home will need to be patient and understanding of his need to work on this area. He mostly barks at noises or visuals out the window…but heck….sometimes it is just fun bark at 1 am. Due to his excessive barking apartments will not be considered.

Barking update:

Nanuk has shown some large improvements in the area of barking with consistent training and redirection. He used to bark for up to 2 hours at a time, and that has since decreased to 5-10 minutes after stimulus with consistent redirection. Barking in the night has also subsided as he has gotten used to the noises around the house. The only time he will bark after bedtime is if he hears another dog outside barking. This is again controlled within 5-10 minutes.

Around the house, Nanuk is learning some manners.  He is a climber and will climb baby gates, and find ways to get into a variety of areas whether they be small or up high. Keeping him secured can be tricky!

He is potty trained, and will mostly go outside, but he has also learned to use the pee pad when needed. He has had a couple of accidents when he transitioned into his foster home which is to be expected.

If you meet the criteria for Nanuk’s new home, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other foster dogs.

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