March 2016

Neeka and Myla have got a new home and a big sister, a beagle-chihuahua cross named Ruby. Even though Ruby is a lot older, she is happy to have the company and Neeka and Myla are quite happy to share her blanket on the sofa. There has not been a dull moment since Neeka and Myla arrived at their new home. There have been a few tiffs as they decide who between the two of them is boss. Moments later they are cuddled up next to each other in a pet bed. They have been making progress in their potty training. Mostly, they have been bringing smiles to everyone with their funny antics. Neeka and Myla love to sit on laps and give kisses. A couple of their new dad’s socks have become cherished toys.  Every day there is a race to see who can be first at the door to greet anyone who comes to the house.

Thanks to the lovely volunteers at CCRT, we are very happy and lucky to have Neeka and Myla on our sofa and in our lives.

Reeshma & Riaz

Myla and Neeka with Ruby Myla and Neeka