CCRT foster homes across Canada include families consisting of both humans and their own pets. These pets are instrumental in welcoming the new foster dog into the home and ‘showing them the ropes’. This can include where the back door is, who gives out the tastiest treats, the best place to nap in order catch the maximum amount of sunlight and where the best fire hydrants are. These pets can also influence the foster dogs into learning proper manners and behaviour. For this, and so many other reasons, we wish to pay hommage to the CCRT ‘furry’ volunteers who have since gone onto Rainbow Bridge. It is our hope that they will continue their efforts at the Bridge in welcoming all dogs who arrive.

Newton is one such dog…..

It is with a a heavy heart and a lot of tears that I write this. My beloved Newton passed on to Rainbow Bridge on July 31, 2007 at approximately 5:45pm. Newton had been my very special girl for 13 years and 10 months, we would have celebrated 14 years together in September that year.

Newton is missed for a million reasons – her winning personality (although many people may beg to differ), her adorable face, her humour and her annoying bark. We went through many moves, boyfriends, a marriage, a divorce and several career changes together. She was constant companion and very bestest furry friend.

Newton had not been well in her final year and unfortunately, the last 2 months saw her deteriorate extremely quickly. Newton enjoyed a final meal on her last day of her very first (and only!) McDonald’s cheeseburger. The little pig that she is ate almost the entire thing! She also enjoyed some french fries, a visit to her Auntie Roxanne’s and some quality time with friends and of course, her Momma.

There are no words to describe the intense pain and sadness in losing my little girl. After almost 14 years together, it is difficult – even today – to imagine my life without her. As a co founder and current Chair of CCRT, I often say that Newton was – and remains – my inspiration for my continued efforts with this rescue group. Newton is proud to have helped many foster and rescue dogs over the years and I know that they welcomed her with open paws at the Bridge.

Today, I share my life with Melly, a dog I adopted from CCRT who brings me incredible joy, happiness and lots of laughs. I like to think that Melly is my Angel on Earth while Newton is my Angel in Heaven.

Momma loves you Newton. Forever and always.