Meet Nico

We can’t decide what is cuter, Nico’s ears or his wiggly butt! Head or tail, this guy is a catch and his forever family will lucky to call hm theirs!

Nico needs a little bit of time to warm up to new people (especially if they are wearing sunglasses or a hat – they can be a little intimidating!) but if you give him time and allow him to come to you, he warms right up. He now follows his foster Mum around, spending time with her while she cooks in the kitchen or snuggled next to her on the couch for a movie.

Nico would do nest with another dog at home, as he has learned to take his cue from his foster siblings. He learned from them that it is okay to trust the humans in the house and to learn the household routines.

Nico does well when visitors come over. He gives a bark to say hello and then hangs out in his space. He is a little apprehensive with men but comes around. He is comfortable with kids of all ages.

Nico is currently not left for long periods of time, but when his foster Mum leaves home he has run of the main floor. He mostly sleeps the time away on his blanket. He is house-trained and is able to let his foster Mum knows when he needs to step outside to do his business in the backyard; he has not yet figured out doing it while on walks while he enjoys sniffing out the scents. One of his favourite things is being wiped down with favorite towel after a bath or a walk outside and then it invariably turns into playtime with the towel itself!

Nico has been neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines.
@ Woodbridge, Ontario

Adoption fee $500 + HST includes all uptodate vetting (Rabies, DHPPi, Bordetella) deworming & prevention, teeth cleaning, 4DX snap bloodwork, 6-weeks of Pets + US pet insurance and free training advice over email and Facetime.