September 21, 2018: Adoption Pending.

Pablo arrived to CCRT after being he picked up as a stray.  Yes folks, a true mystery man!  We have had the pleasure of getting to know this handsome boy and have learned that he is the strong willed, independent type who likes to do things on his own terms!

Pablo will need a dog savvy furever home (without kids) that is experienced with behavioural/ aggression issues as he has a bite history.

Pablo can be sweet, funny and playful. He loves playing ball, playing with his toys, or with his human. He likes to do things on his own terms and if challenged before he is ready, he will react. When coming into foster care originally, he had many touch triggers such as petting in certain areas of his body and being picked up from the group. With repeated practice he has overcome these issues with his foster parent.

He would benefit greatly from an active family as he is high energy.  He would fare very well with someone who likes to hike/run/jog/rollerblade so that he can burn off some of that excess energy. He would likely do well with sports like flyball or agility. Pablo loves going for walks and is always ready to go on an outing. Pablo is quite reactive on leash and will bark, growl and pull towards people and dogs, some progress has been made in this area, but lots of work still needs to be done in this area. He travels very well in the car.

It appears that he has issues with larger dogs but would do well with another small dog as who is patient and non-reactive or be an only dog. He is unknown with cats, however, due to his high prey drive, we anticipate a reaction.

Pablo has improved tremendously with his potty training and is almost completely housebroken (will go outside or on pee pads) but will still occasionally mark in the home.

His foster home has been doing a great deal of socialization work with Pablo, both with dogs and people, so that he can become more comfortable and less reactive. Pablo has demonstrated he can be a quick learner, however careful attention should be paid when he meets new people or dogs whether inside or outside of the house.

In the right home, with the right direction and continued work on his behaviour, Pablo will be an amazing companion.  He is sweet, funny, and has enough personality to fill the room despite his small size.  Mr. Personality (Pablo) would love for his furever family to live in a home and not in an apartment nor a condominium as he tends to be quite vocal.

Pablo has his very own Facebook page where you can follow his antics in his foster home:

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Vital Stats

Age: about 4 yo
Weight: 7.2lbs
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Adoption donation: $400