I picked up Pacito in March 2006 from the Toronto Humane Society where his former family had surrendered him. It only took a glance to see that Pacito was an elderly gent with a stiff walk and a few years behind him but he greeting me like an old friend with a happy, wagging tail. I soon learned that Pacito greeted the entire world that same way — always happy, always wagging his tail.

Pacito’s first vet visit revealed a list of ailments too long to list but chief among them a malignant melanoma by his eye that had been removed a few months earlier. The vet said it was only a matter of time before the cancer returned.

With the goal of optimizing his last days in mind, we started Pacito on the best dog food we could find and some wonderful supplements. As the days passed, Pacito seemed to grow younger. He went from hobbling to trotting, to running to climbing staircases. He went from laying in bed all day to taking several long strolls in the park and chasing the kids around the house. He was always gentle with everyone he met –human and canine — and a pleasure to share our days with.

In May we noticed a new lump by Pacito’s old surgery scar. The vet confirmed that the melanoma had retuned and was growing quite large and out of control within Pacito head. Pacito passed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 18, 2006. Rest in peace my sweet, little gentleman. You were a joy.
Maureen Potter (foster mom)