This gentle 4 year-old, long-legged sweetie  has an abundance of enthusiasm for life and no end of love to give.  She loves to bask in the nearest patch of sunshine, nibble bites of apple, chase her special squeaky ball and, best of all, to snuggle on a warm lap.

Panda is playful and would love a like-minded canine companion to romp with. There are 3 cats in her foster home and she coexists peacefully with all of them.  Although she could benefit from some leash training, she loves to go for walks  to explore and to do her business.

Panda has 2 crates: one she travels in and which she uses as her special retreat during the day, and a larger one that she sleeps in at night.  Although she will use a pee pad, she is very reliable about going outside.

This dear, sweet little girl is looking for someone to adore her and her loving ways. She loves to be near her people and will lie quietly on a lap or soft spot nearby.

Check back periodically for updates! Panda continues to reveal her many charms to her foster family.

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Gender: Female, spayed

Age: about 4 years (DOB Nov 18, 2011)

Weight 7.5 lbs

Location: Guelph Ontario

Adoption donation: $400

  • often does a handstand to pee
  • loves to chew on an ice cube
  • gentle, passive and eager to play
  • has a favourite ball that she likes to fetch and squeak
  • loves her crate
  • enjoys chunks of a fresh apple