Pedro’s Happy Ever After

June 2016

I rescued Pedro. And he rescued me! What a sweet little (well not so little) chihuahua. He sure loves his food and he weighs 11 lbs!

We didn’t know very much about Pedro, but he seemed to get along with Bella my little (truly little) one year old chihuahua. She weighs only 4 lbs! So, I decided to make them family. And family they are!

Bella is, after two months, absolutely crazy about Pedro. It is so cute to watch.  He established himself as the alpha and so he really couldn’t care less about her adoration. But they play fetch together and they sit together in the window of the living room alerting me to anyone who happens to be on the street. It’s really clear when one of the dogs we usually walk with is going by without us!!

Pedro (I renamed him PD, my Precious Dog) sits on my knee every time I sit down. I love it. I love him. Thank you CCRT for my little boy.