Penny was born approximately 1992. She was given the birthdate of September 1st as that is the day she came into CCRT as a rescue in 2003.

She had been in a breeding cage all her life until she had a bad C-section. After getting a tummy tuck and repairs made to her tummy she came into the hands of a caring lady who turned her over to CCRT to be adopted. It was soon evident that Penny had a heart problem which only progressed over the months to come. She had fluid built up around her heart which began giving her breathing difficulties. A large tummy tumor was removed which made her feel better in early 2004.

In September 2004 she was given 6 months or a little more to live. She had progressed to grade 5 heart condition, enlarged liver, enlarged heart, fluid in her lungs, cancerous tumors throughout her body and she had developed diabetes. Poor air quality gave her a lot of breathing problems. With the new heart medication and a change to a diabetic diet she managed to stretch her time to a little over 14 months.

Nearing her final days she was not moving around well but never waivered in her eating which she loved. Her final night was spent beside me knowing she was loved and would be missed. This was one tough little girl who did not give up willingly.

Penny deserved much longer quality time after her early poor start but that was not to be. It was only through the kind help of CCRT sponsors and members that she enjoyed life as well as she did. Penny is proof of the great reward all foster parents receive when they choose to provide the kind of life all pets deserve regardless of the amount of pennies it costs.

This Penny is proof that every Penny counts.