Penny‘s Happy Tale

Penny is awesome! I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already…however, it also seems like we’ve had her for years.

She’s hilarious! Especially when I come home from being away for….ummm….all day or 15 minutes! She runs and spins around like a crazy puppy. I bought her a doggie ‘carrying style’ backpack for travelling. (My daughter kids me that I’m trying to be Paris Hilton!) Over the summer we took her to visit friends and family in Ottawa, Pembroke, Niagara and even a  cottage in Apsley twice! 

She’s getting quite good at travelling, except when she gets nervous when I leave the truck for a minute…she’ll leave me a little ‘present’ on my seat!

We had her groomed recently and she looked so cute! I think I’ll change my career path to groomer…$$!

I hope everything is going well at the CCRT and all the dogs are finding wonderful forever homes. 

It’s hard to believe it’s the end of October already!…here comes Christmas! 

Stay well,

Penny’s forever family  ( we call her Penny-pen-pen or my little peanut!🥜)