Pepper is available for adoption.

Only those applications that meet Pepper’s specific requirements outlined below will be considered.  This is a high-energy dog that requires an adopter who is experienced in raising and training a puppy, so please read her profile carefully.

Pepper requires a forever home with no other dogs, no cats due to her high prey-drive, and no children under the age of 12.  Pepper is a young, active dog who needs an adopter who is home most of the day to give her lots of attention and training.  If you understand the needs of a young, poorly socialized rescue dog that is fearful of other dogs and strangers and you are capable of patiently and lovingly working with her to gain her trust, Pepper might be the girl for you. 

This pretty pup is a slender, long-legged bundle of energy that will entertain you with her silly antics.  Pepper is a brindle seven-pound, long-coat Chihuahua mix.  Her owner passed away and Pepper found herself in a shelter that transferred her to CCRT.  She has made great progress in foster care as she matures, and she will be a loving companion to her adopter.

At one year old, Pepper is still very much a puppy, always looking for mischief, whether it’s raiding wastebaskets, unravelling toilet paper rolls, or stealing someone’s breakfast from the kitchen table when no one is looking.  Puppy-proofing her home is a must.

Pepper’s house-training has gone very well and she is no longer having accidents.  She prefers to do her business outside and will signal that she needs out by ringing the doggie doorbell.  She is trained to pee on command outside.  In an emergency, she will use a pee pad inside the door.

A forever home with a safe, securely fenced yard would make Pepper happy.  She could also live in a condo/apartment so long as she is taken for daily short walks outside on leash to burn off her energy and keep her leg muscles toned.  Because of her reactivity with other dogs, she is not a candidate for dog parks.

Pepper has luxating patellas, a common condition in small dogs.  When her left kneecap slips out of joint after sometimes being overzealous when zooming around outside, she simply lifts the leg and stretches it out to quickly put the kneecap back in place.  Since she began vet-recommended joint supplements, this occurs only occasionally. 

After x-rays and consultations with our veterinarians, we have made the decision not to put Pepper through surgery at this time because she does not limp, is not in pain, and she is a happy dog who walks normally.  We believe that this is the best decision for her right now.  However, should her condition change, corrective surgery is a possibility in her future.

Otherwise, CCRT’s veterinarian has given Pepper a clean bill of health.  She has had a heartworm test (negative) and she is spayed, microchipped, and up to date with vaccines as well as flea/tick/heartworm preventative.

Only if you fit the description of Pepper’s ideal forever home and are interested in adopting her, please fill out an adoption application.  You can also purchase a sweater and/or blanket for her or any of our foster dogs.  Please consider becoming a CCRT Sponsorship Angel  for any of our foster dogs by making a cash donation towards their care.




Vital Stats

DOB:  March 12, 2021
Weight:  7 pounds
Location:  Richmond Hill, ON
Adoption Donation:  $500