And now a few words from Pippa:

My name is Pippa and I love attention.

I love to spend time cuddling and burrowing in blankets and pillows.

I know how to use pee pads but my foster mom doesn’t like them, so she’s making me learn to go outside.

I do not like large dogs, especially the ones that are bigger than me. I will bite larger dogs if they get too close to me which can cause issues when the other dogs are not so easy going. I am fine with other Dachshunds in my foster home though.

I don’t like to be left alone, and will cry a bit in my crate. I settle own after a few minutes and am pretty quiet until my people come home. I am working very hard to be less nervous in new situations, but it takes time for me to adjust.

And now a few words from my foster family:

When Pippa first came to us she was very shy and hesitant, but quickly learned that she was safe with us, and became quite an explorer.

When she is too nervous or uncomfortable, her ‘go to’ is to try to bite, but we are seeing less and less of this as she learns the world isn’t so scary.

Pippa loves to cuddle and is learning to play with her foster friends.

She loves to go for a walk, but like many small dogs, she isn’t a fan of the cold or wet weather.

She’s slowly learning to go outside for bathroom breaks, but has to be reminded to do all her business before she comes back inside. We’ve had some accidents in the house, but she has come a long way in house training since arriving in our care.

Pippa needs firm owners who will continue to work with her in ‘scary’ situations, and not letting her get away with any bad behaviours.