September 2, 2018 : Adoption pending. No further applications will be accepted.

Priest arrived at CCRT via a shelter, where this sweet boy found himself after his elderly Mom passed away and his Dad moved into a nursing home. He appears to have been well loved during his first 12 years of life.

Upon arrival, Priest had a dental cleaning and two teeth extracted. He has mildly luxating patellas but his overall his health is good. He climbs stairs easily, and if it’s low enough he will jump onto the furniture.

When he first arrived at his foster home he was very timid, tentative and startled easily, but he bonded very quickly with his foster mom and is doing well in his foster home. He adapted quickly to the resident dogs in his foster home as well. Priest is good with other small dogs (larger dogs are questionable), and is also OK with cats. He rides well in the car. He does well interacting with other dogs and people outside of the home.

Priest struggles with visitors coming into the space inside his home, becoming agitated, barking, lunging, and attempting to nip at these visitors. He behaves this way even if he knows the visitor. Priest’s foster Mom is working with him to conquer this issue by using consistent redirection along with positive reinforcement when visitors enter the home and remain for a visit. Priest’s new family must be committed to this ongoing work to ensure His success at curbing this unwanted behaviour. Due to this issue, a household with children at least 16+ years old is highly recommended.

Pries loves to eat, gobbling down his food, and then looking to steal others’ food! He has done well learning not to steal from other bowls – but if given the opportunity, he will seize it every time. Meal time supervision will definitely be required if there are other animals in the household.

Priest believes he is on the neighbourhood watch committee and will bark at sounds or sights outside. He is learning how to be quiet when asked – careful consideration would need to be made if living in an apartment. Apartment living may not be ideal.

Priest is mostly housebroken. He will do the majority of his business either on pee pads or outside in the backyard or on walks.

Despite being 12 years of age, Priest can be full of energy at times. He will zoom around, play with toys, and has occasionally played with the other small dogs in the household. His style of play can be rather rough and overbearing at times, so if there is another dog in the household to play with, they would need to be comfortable with this style of play.

Priest loves snuggling on his foster mom, getting belly rubs, looking at her longingly while she eats….and sleeping in bed with her and the other dogs at night. He has gained some self-confidence and doesn’t need to follow his foster parent around the house at all times (but will do so more often than not). He also makes for a fabulous supervisor in the bathroom.

Priest is an incredibly sweet, loving, cuddly dog. Overall, he is doing extremely well considering the enormous and sudden change in his life. He will make a wonderful addition to a home, especially if you love the idea of a constant companion whose favourite place to be is on your lap or snuggled in right beside you.

Priest would love to know you might be his forever home! If you agree, please fill out an adoption application. You can purchase a sweater and/or blanket for him, or any of our other fosters dogs.

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Vital Stats

Age: 12 yo
Weight: 7.4lbs
Location: Mississauga, ON
Adoption donation: $250