Purchase a Sweater or Blanket for a CCRT Foster Dog

You can help CCRT by donating the cost of a sweater or blanket for one of our foster dogs.

Purchase a blanket for a CCRT Foster Dog ($15.00)


Please help us purchase a blanket for each of our dogs that they can call their own and bring with them when they are adopted by their ‘forever home’. Each blanket is hand made by our volunteers and gives each dog a sense of security during their transition from foster care to family member.

Simply click the Paypal button below to give the gift of comfort to a CCRT rescue.

Purchase a sweater for a CCRT Foster Dog ($10.00)

DogInSweaterOriginally from Mexico, Chihuahuas are used to warm, sunny climates. Needless to say, our unique Canadian weather is often not to their liking! Please consider buying a sweater for one or more of our rescue dogs so they can enjoy their outdoor walks and playtime in comfort and style.

A simple click on the Paypal button below and you’re on your way to making a CCRT rescue happier and warmer with a snazzy new sweater!